Impressions from The Artist’s Studio show

15 05 2007


C. Roca y Batlle, 5   08029 Barcelona

The exhibition will go on until June 20th. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


15 05 2007


 all works by Martin Brown

Nido de Mesas

15 05 2007


 by Martin Brown

Three Portraits

15 05 2007


oil on canvas – Annette Mann

Invitation to the Opening

17 04 2007


about Maria Johansson

17 04 2007


The Swedish artist Maria Johansson will present pieces of the not only sentimental journey into Barbieland. But these are not the plastic ready-mades of Mattel’s commercial universe – rather their ghostly replicas. Each individual Barbie’s body has been meticulously recast in porcelain from moulds of the limbs, head and torso of the artist’s own childhood Barbie. This ‘original’ is not the synthetic perfection in the packaging, but a relic of childhood inscribed with the scars of the past. The long, blond locks have been irrevocably shorn in the childish belief that they would grow back, the lips disfigured and melted by a close brush with a candle, the hips punctured by pins after a childhood operation. Johansson repeatedly recasts this material remnant of her own past in porcelain and subjects each figure to the vagaries of the fired kiln, where the perfect duplication of mass production is replaced by the interaction of an initially malleable, fluid mass and the mould. Each uniquely flawed fragile figure is then grasped and often shattered by the artist in a complex investigation of concepts of authenticity and duplication  – original and fake – the mass-produced model and its unique replicas.reigen-copie-4.jpg

about Martin Brown

17 04 2007


The first show will present work of British designer Martin Brown, who began his career working as a textile designer in collaboration with such fashion houses as Issey Miyake, Oscar de la Renta and Christian Dior.After the participation in a publicity campaign for Shiseido and the design of the Dragon Café in Tokyo he moved to Mexico, where he created mural mosaic and tile decorations for numerous fashion stores, restaurants and private residences.His work forms part of various collections such as Collection Azcarraga, the Gelman Collection, the Foundation Miguel Aleman in Mexico and the Collection von Bismarck in Marbella.  His creations are a unique hybrid of classical, baroque, neo-mexican, retro and avant-garde styles, executed with the finest craftsmanship, using Talavera ceramic, Byzantine and cut glass mosaic.

Martin Brown will show mainly elegant mosaic tables, wall pieces and surprise mosaic jewellery.