Impressions from The Artist’s Studio show

15 05 2007


C. Roca y Batlle, 5   08029 Barcelona

The exhibition will go on until June 20th. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


15 05 2007


 all works by Martin Brown

Three Portraits

15 05 2007


oil on canvas – Annette Mann

Invitation to the Opening

17 04 2007


about Martin Brown

17 04 2007


The first show will present work of British designer Martin Brown, who began his career working as a textile designer in collaboration with such fashion houses as Issey Miyake, Oscar de la Renta and Christian Dior.After the participation in a publicity campaign for Shiseido and the design of the Dragon Café in Tokyo he moved to Mexico, where he created mural mosaic and tile decorations for numerous fashion stores, restaurants and private residences.His work forms part of various collections such as Collection Azcarraga, the Gelman Collection, the Foundation Miguel Aleman in Mexico and the Collection von Bismarck in Marbella.  His creations are a unique hybrid of classical, baroque, neo-mexican, retro and avant-garde styles, executed with the finest craftsmanship, using Talavera ceramic, Byzantine and cut glass mosaic.

Martin Brown will show mainly elegant mosaic tables, wall pieces and surprise mosaic jewellery.


about me

17 04 2007


Painting, for me, is exploring life. For many years human nature is my main inspiration. Actually it is life itself and the great possibility we have of creating our lives. Unfortunately the tight circumstances we live in make it often difficult to be and stay aware and to act creatively. Engaging in a creative process is one way to understand how life works in reality, with all the beauty and pain being part of the process.  As a means of expression I am using photography to capture pieces of reality that attract my attention and which are serving as the base of my work.

These ephemeral and accidental moments get enlarged in time through the action of painting and occasionally combined with other slow techniques that demand  additional attention.  It could be seen as an act of celebration.


Taisen Deshimaru

17 04 2007


Oil on Canvas, embroidery, 130 x 195 cm 2007